The holistic educational program of any top school should reflect a balance between academic, cultural and sporting activities, and Hellenic Academy endeavours to remain at the cutting edge of each of these pursuits.

The comprehensive sporting programme offered at the Academy is delivered in a dynamic environment that promotes sporting excellence, character development, healthy competition, and enjoyment.

We focus on delivering a programme that fulfills the needs of all pupils, those who aspire to excellence in their chosen sport, as well as those whose primary objective is to participate and develop themselves through sport and physical exercise. For those aspiring sportspeople, the Academy offers a strength and conditioning program, on site sports therapy clinic and international standard coaching.

The Academy boasts a strong sports department made up of passionate and committed sports professionals who deliver 14 sports across the three terms. We consider our program to be innovative and forward thinking, and a significant investment has been made in our sports facilities, which has allowed us to regularly host local and international competitions.

The benefits that the sporting program has to the holistic development of our pupils is clear to see. The wide ranging sport events bring the students together as competitors and spectators. We are proud to see how many of our pupils graduate to national representation.

Hellenic aims and ethos