Aims & Ethos

At Hellenic Academy, we pride ourselves in ensuring the words of our pledge are lived up to in every sense of the word.

Our ethos is one of excellence in all aspects of school life and we encourage our students to set and maintain the highest standards in all they undertake.  A quote from a past student, Sakhumuzi Mpofu (2020) sums it up perfectly: “Are we average, or are we Excellent?” which has been taken up as a message of encouragement for all students to follow.

This does not mean that we enforce a standard of excellence without support. As a “Family of Brothers and Sisters” we are accountable for upholding the values of the pledge and providing support to students that are struggling.

‘Believe you can and you are half way there’, a quote from Theodore Roosevelt, perfectly sums up how our pupils are taught to set goals and go about achieving them.

The challenges faced and overcome by our students as they pass through the school leaves them with self-confidence and leadership values that we feel are important assets in today’s changing world, and our students have gained recognition in some of the highest ranking global tertiary institutions, including Harvard, Yale, MIT and Cambridge, as a result.

Hellenic aims and ethos

Testimonials from students regarding the school ethos

Chayanne Chiringah (U6 2021)

What makes a school like Hellenic have such reputable character?

Is it the buildings, the headmaster/headmistress, is it the amount trophy’s it has on display, the teachers, the students or a combination of all these factors?

Hellenic Academy has managed to successfully create generations of tradition, as well as an enriched culture, over a span of just 12 years. Greek culture and school pride have converged to create a school ethos that is full of spirit, community, and liveliness.