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Form 1 Classics Projects

Prepare to be amazed by the creativity of our Form One students! This term in Classics, they’ve been diving into the thrilling world of Greek mythology, learning and connecting with the stories that helped shape western civilization. As part of their final project, students were tasked with bringing an item from one of the stories they have read to life. From fearsome weapons wielded by legendary heroes to dazzling replicas of mythical creatures, our students have wowed us and really showcased their imagination and talent.

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Form 2 History Projects

Our intrepid Form Two historians have been exploring World War One, this term, to truly solidify their understanding, they embarked on a creative project. Instead of writing a traditional essay, students were tasked with creating a WWI-themed object or product – a tangible representation of their learning. The results have been nothing short of phenomenal! In addition to these projects, each student meticulously researched and wrote a detailed report. They delved into historical sources, referenced their findings and reflected on the significance of the war. This project allowed our students to explore the war from multiple perspectives, fostering not only historical [...]

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Senior Drama Production: Salomé

Last week our senior drama pupils provided us with some spectacular entertainment. Their production of Salomé ran for 4-nights and each one was a wonderful success. Every family member, teacher, coach and supporter in the audience was thrilled with the gripping performance. A massive well done and thank you to the cast and Dr Neal Hovelmeier for all of your hard work during the course of this term to give us Salomé.

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Chess: 12 June Friendly Match

Hellenic Chess Club travelled to Heritage School for a friendly match, the results were as follows: Seniors (won) Heritage School 1 - 5 Hellenic Academy Juniors (won) Heritage School 1 - 5 Hellenic Academy

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Travel & Tourism: Words of wisdom from past pupils

Our Travel & Tourism students had the pleasure of hosting Kuzivakwashe Naomi Ndoro. Kuzi was 2020’s top in Zimbabwe AS Travel & Tourism student, and has since completed a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management, as well as spent a year in Dubai working at the Atlantis resort. She was joined by our deputy head girl of 2020, Ruvimbo Dzumbira on a visit to this year’s pupils, together they shared pearls of wisdom and inspired our current Travel & Tourism pupils.

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Celebrate Hellenic Academy’s Sporting Victories!

Hellenic Academy athletes dominated this weekend! Rugby teams triumphed against St. George's, & Hockey teams excelled with 7 wins & 1 draw. Girls Soccer & Chess teams also impressed. Archery teams placed 3rd & 4th in Bulls-Eye!

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