Hellenic Academy prides itself in providing a world class academic program. Examination results matter. We understand this, and encourage all our pupils to aspire to academic excellence. Our record in enabling our pupils to achieve the qualifications they need to access top universities around the world speaks for itself.

That said, we strongly believe that the journey is as important as the destination. We encourage our pupils to develop the best habits of independent thought and a lifelong habit of intellectual curiosity and love of learning.

Our broad curriculum promotes academic excellence. Subjects choices and the academic timetable are pupil based. Therefore every pupil has the best opportunity to discover his passion, rather than having to choose a subject from a specific group of subjects.

Our Teachers are subject-specialists who invariably hold prestigious degrees in their subjects, but equally as important in their appointment has been their capacity to build relationships and inspire learners.

Hellenic aims and ethos

Academic Enrichment

Hellenic Academy offers in-timetable support lessons for pupils identified as needing extra assistance with English and Mathematics.

These classes, with smaller teacher to student ratios, focus on improving and reinforcing foundational skills: number sense, Maths fluency and vocabulary, problem solving strategies, phonics, English vocabulary, and comprehension, reading and writing skills. Lessons utilise collaborative learning and learning by discovery to engage pupils and deepen their understanding of concepts. In addition, we aim to develop the pupils’ confidence and an attitude of perseverance as well as encouraging a growth mindset that will help pupils to develop successful academic behaviours.

Academic Enrichment

Art and Design

Hellenic Academy Art

We facilitate education in Visual Art and Design through broad and varied projects in a wide variety of media.

We encourage a strong foundation of drawing as well as knowledge of formal characteristics and visual literacy. Pupils work with both traditional and new media in two and three dimensions. They will discover many aspects of the subject and learn to express themselves through visual means, through painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, digital and new media. We place a very strong emphasis on the voice of the individual; this principle acts as a central tenet of every aspect of the department. We pride ourselves in our excellent results, and the fact that to date we have received no less than 4 Highly Commended Awards, 13 Top in Zimbabwe Awards, and 4 Top in the World Awards, spread across IGCSE, AS and A Level over the past 10 years.


A diverse Commercial department offers “Introduction to Business” in Forms One and Two, thus allowing students the opportunity to make informed decisions between Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Enterprise, Travel and Tourism from Form Three.

In Form Two they will participate in ‘Market Days’ and “Dragons Den”, learning the rudimentary basics of commerce and entrepreneurship.  In Form Three, they can opt to take any of the above subjects to IGCSE.  At AS and A2 Level we offer Accounting, Economics, Business and Travel and Tourism.