The Hellenic San is situated in the Pavilion, between the Primary School and the Academy, servicing pupils and staff from all Hellenic schools.

The San is managed by Kay Kondonis, a qualified Registered General Nurse (RGN) and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). “Sister Kay” has 40 years of experience in the medical field in Zimbabwe, having worked in both in-hospital and pre-hospital environments.

In keeping within guidelines recommended by various local medical authorities, the San offers basic healthcare to pupils and staff who fall sick or who are injured at school. This oversight includes the management of life and limb-threatening medical or trauma-related emergencies. Only very basic, over the counter medicines, such as Paracetamol, oral antihistamine syrup/tablets and cough mixture are stocked in the San, for those who fall ill at school.

Pupils with ongoing medical conditions are expected to bring their medication to school.

Some pupils may suffer from conditions that may progress into life-threatening emergencies such as asthma, severe allergic reactions, seizures and diabetes. It is therefore vitally important that Sister Kay receives information about the conditions. Parents are requested to ensure emergency medications are provided for their children who suffer from the conditions mentioned above.

Concussion awareness is taken very seriously at Hellenic. The latest internationally recommended management guidelines are strictly adhered to. Age-appropriate baseline concussion testing is done annually.

In keeping with standard infection control principles, parents are requested to keep sick children at home, especially if they have potentially contagious conditions such as Covid-19, diarrhoea, vomiting and severe coughing. Those who come to school sick will be sent home. All recommended Covid-19 protocols are adhered to at Hellenic.

Pupils who fall sick or are injured during school hours may only go home after they have been assessed by and granted permission by Sister Kay.

Hellenic aims and ethos

Psychological Services and Counselling centre

We offer confidential and predominantly short-term counselling and psychotherapy as well as psychoeducation free of charge.

These services aim to provide students with the tools to improve personal and academic functioning, thereby contributing to positive personal growth and development.

We provide support for: ‘stress’, anxiety, depression, adjustment and relationships and cover anything that may harm the academic performance and well-being of the students. However, counselling services are not limited to problems.

The counsellor’s office is also a place to wind down, order thoughts and share positive developments.

How to access services:

  • Students to set an appointment via, text or WhatsApp on cell number provided to students
  • Students to leave a note in counsellor’s box to set an appointment
  • Walk-in services without an appointment (dependant on counsellor’s availability)
  • Staff referrals for students
  • Parents to contact counsellor via email or school office phone

When can students access the services:

  • A’ level students – during their free periods, break & lunchtime or after 2 pm
  • Form 1 to Form 4, break time, lunchtime or after 2 pm
  • Please note: in exceptional circumstances such as an emergency the students can access the services during class, club or sport times should they have been excused by the teacher in charge.