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It was the Greek mathematician and philosopher, Thales of Miletus, who said, “The happy person is one who has a healthy body, a wealthy soul, and a well-educated nature.” Since opening its doors, Hellenic Academy has welcomed young men and women into our diverse, progressive, multicultural school, we are proud to have quickly and firmly established ourselves as one of the finest secondary schools in Southern Africa. But we’re first and foremost a school that cares for the welfare and happiness of every one of our 650 student family; their body, soul and nature remain our motivating concern.

Welcome to the Hellenic Academy website.

The Academy was founded on the guiding belief that striving for excellence in every field is a value teachers have a responsibility to instil into the core of our young people, and no-where is this more evident than in witnessing the outstanding calibre of achievement in the arts, in sport and in the academic arena that Hellenic students astonishingly produce year after year.

With our ethos rooted in the centuries old tradition of the Greek Orthodox Church, we take great pride in witnessing Hellenic pupils grow to become fine ladies and gentlemen, imbued with a firm sense of honour, integrity, respect and a deep feeling of compassion for others. Our rigorous and varied curriculum is carefully designed to spur the young body and mind towards testing the limits of potential and to supplement natural curiosity, intellectual questioning and creative prowess. Always conscious of their privilege in life, the Academy is committed to teaching the importance of community engagement with initiatives that promote a clear sense of charity, service and humility.

Hellenic provides a comprehensive menu of subjects to cater for the interests and aptitudes of every child.

Fully licenced by Cambridge International Examinations, we diligently prepare pupils to sit IGCSE, AS and A Level examinations in classes which boast exceptional teacher-student ratios with an emphasis on highly specialised attention. Complementing our formal curriculum are a number of vocational certifications and soft-skill subjects which, in addition to pastoral oversight, life skills, career counselling, music and physical education, guarantee a truly holistic education.

Nurturing our students during every stage of their crucial developmental growth is a faculty comprised of some of the leading educators in the region. Our team of teachers, coaches and mentors take exceptional care in honing a dedicated interest in all aspects of the young people in their charge, carefully crafting a unique learning experience, while at all times, curating the best possible teaching methods and practices to suit the specific needs of each pupil. Here at Hellenic, we commit ourselves to a goal which is an intrinsic part of every teacher’s vocation: an aspiration to ignite and inspire the minds of our future; the very global citizens who will inherit our planet.

Interconnectivity with the wider world and an awareness of what it takes to integrate into a fully multicultural society is at the forefront of our educational objectives.

Combined with state of the art digital classroom technologies – and the most current best-practice systems for delivering top-quality teaching on a variety of interface platforms – Hellenic pupils enjoy uninterrupted learning safe from the disruptions of our outside environment. They continually engage with current affairs across a multitude of subjects and disciplines often as they unfold in real time, allowing them to merge new stimuli with their uniquely African perspectives. Informed, confident, well-rounded individuals who make for highly in-demand young professionals are the indelible qualities of the Hellenic pupil!

Leadership, collegiality and team-building skills lay the foundations of partnerships and working relationships which can be witnessed across the dynamic of our student body and into the comprehensive menu of sports, societies and cultural pursuits the school has to offer.

Not only renowned for our award-winning musical and dramatic productions, our highly competitive cohort of athletes square-off in a multitude of sports and games at the very highest provincial and national levels.

If you would like more information on why Hellenic Academy is exactly the right choice of schooling for your son or daughter, or would like to pay a visit to our lovely campus situated in the leafy suburb of Alexandra Park, Harare, then please feel free to contact us.


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