Form Two History Projects: World War One

Form Two History Projects: World War One

November is the month that World War One ended, and on the 11th of November at 11 a.m., we marked this occasion with a moving talk about the significance and importance of “Remembrance Day” by Miss Rebekah Marks. Eva de Swardt played “The Last Post” on the trumpet, and Emma Balzer read the famous “Ode of Remembrance” by Laurence Binyon.

In the run-up to this special day, we shared a selection of our Form Two History Coursework Projects, all themed around World War One. We commend the selected students on their exceptional work, which included, amongst other themes,  the effects of war on love and marriage, a collection of items that a German soldier would have carried with him, the tumultuous terrain of trench warfare, and the roles of women and animals during the war.

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