You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Zig Ziglar

The Hellenic Academy provides a robust curricula of academic subjects in the Arts, Humanities, Languages and Sciences leading to public examinations from the Cambridge Examination Syndicate. The Cambridge International Examinations board is our preferred choice of syllabus in the majority of subject areas. We are also able to offer City and Guilds qualifications to students through our ‘sister’ school, St Christophers.

Lower School – Form One and Two

Form One and Two are important formative years in any students’ education, and as such we ensure that our curriculum suits the development of enquiring minds and interests.  In Form One and Two, students are given a solid grounding in History, Science, Mathematics, English, Geography and Computer Science.  In addition to these subjects students they will be introduced to new topics and interests through the addition of Languages (in the form of French, Greek and Shona), Classical Studies, Introduction to Business, Music (Theory and Practical) and Physical Education.  In addition to these academic subjects, students are also timetabled for Life Skills and PE lessons which provide a holistic educational approach, giving them useful tools for future academic progress.

Subject selection for Form Three is made easier with a variety of ‘Taster’ Lessons at the end of Form Two where students are able to ask questions and assess their interests before having to make any final decisions.  The fact that in Form Two, our Science lessons are split into Biology, Chemistry and Physics syllabuses, ensures that they have a good idea of the curriculum content that they will be signing up for, in their IGCSE years.

Middle School – Form Three and Four (IGCSE)

At this stage of their schooling, students will have a clearer idea of where their interests lie and will have an opportunity to broaden or specialize their interests, depending on their academic strengths and talents.

Of particular note here is that we try to accommodate all Form Three and Lower Sixth students in their subject choices.  We try to tailor our timetable to suit them, rather than just providing them with set bands of subjects that they have to choose from.  Following Taster Lessons in Form Two and Subject Selection at the end of Form Four, we try to design a timetable to suit even the most diverse of choices. We encourage them to have as wide a range of subject choices as possible so that they do not ‘close any doors’.

In Form Three and Four there are still timetabled Life Skills and PE Lessons that provide them with useful information in terms of study methods, University selection and understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.

Senior School – Lower and Upper Sixth (AS and A2 Level)

In the senior years of the school, our approach is not just academic development of our students, but also Leadership Training in our weekly Line Tutor meetings and continued Life Skills lessons.  At the end of Lower Sixth, the students go on a camp where they are given guidance and advice by Leadership experts such as Dr Matt Mbanga.  In addition, the emphasis in this year is on ensuring that students learn how to work in teams and obtain the skills that will help them to identify their strengths and weaknesses in any group situation. These are all important management skills they will require in later life.

Our Academic curriculum caters for even the most diverse of talents and students do not have to ‘pigeon hole’ themselves into being a ‘Science’, ‘Arts’ or ‘Business’ student.  Our Careers Department plays a vital role in guiding students to make the correct subject choices, so as to keep their options open when applying for future careers or universities.  All of this support and guidance goes a long way to ensuring our students leave the school, confident, mature and excellent leaders for the future, with much to contribute to society, and an understanding of the role they have to play.