2022 Inter-Schools’ Archery Final Competition and Overall Results

2022 Inter-Schools' Archery Final Competition and Overall Results

This event was held on Sunday 20th November at Chispite Junior School. Our Hellenic students did themselves proud throughout the year.
Hellenic Academy’s Achievements from Sunday 20th November:
1. Best Senior School
2. Runner-up – Senior Girls: Savannah Hunter
3. Winner – Senior Boys: Reece Chant

Hellenic Academy’s Overall Results from 2022:

1. Best Senior School
2. Silver Medal – Top Senior Girl: Savannah Hunter
3. Most Improved Senior Girl: Ivy Blue Nice
4. Highest Scoring Senior Boy: Reece Chant

Hellenic Academy’s 3D Overall Results from 2022: 
1. Best Senior School

2. Bronze 3D: Reilly Masterson
3. Hold 3D: Reece Chant
4. Bronze Medal: Savannah Hunter
5. Silver 3D: Teagan Percival

The Zimbabwe Archery Association Awarded Full Colours to (they have represented Zimbabwe in 2 consecutive Internationals):

Reece Chant
Savannah Hunter
Ivy Blue Nice
Teagan Percival 
Bravo to all concerned!
Report and photo: Mrs Lisa Masterson

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